High Efficiency
Filtration System



Our filters have proven themselves for more than twenty-five years and are the result of many years of research and development, which today provides filtration 10 to 20 times finer than that of sand filters now available on the market. Designed for nominal 0.45, 2.0, 5, 10 and 25 micron(s) filtration, their high performance is due to a unique concept, which ingeniously combines centrifugal separation and surface filtration.


Centrifugal force creates a vortex effect in the raw water above the filtering media (sand) helping to remove suspended solids. It significantly increases the effective filter surface within the tank.

The turbulence causes a sustained cleaning action which forces the suspended particles to accumulate on the inside walls of the tank; therefore, much finer sand can be used without any clogging problems.

The water, now largely free of impurities, is filtered through the media and highly polished for a variety of purposes. The advantage of our filter is that the majority of the contaminants remain suspended above and on the filter bed until the system needs to be backwashed requiring less water and a shorter operating time than with conventional sand filter systems. The process therefore allows longer cycles and much finer filtration levels. Backwash frequency depends on material loading, thus high solids loading will require more frequent backwashing.


  • Once installed, our filters need no attention during backwash and rinse cycles, yet they provide outstanding advantages;
  • Exceptionally efficient filtration with no clogging;
  • Fully-automated backwash;
  • Filtration up to 20 gpm/sq.ft. (4 times greater than conventional filters);
  • Longer filtration cycle than conventional filters;
  • Filtration flows up to several thousand gpm;
  • Low backwash flow rate and volume of water;
  • Compact configuration for optimal space utilization.


  • Stainless steel 304, ASME certified vessel (316 available);
  • Piping manifold assembly based upon applications;
  • Clean water backwash connection with flow controller;
  • Automatic backwash controlled by microprocessor.

Our system help industrial customers recycle water to reduce costs and enhance water utilization.

High Efficiency Filtration System
High Efficiency Filtration System
Using clean, filtered water in the turbine seal considerably reduces the risk of premature wear of the sealing faces.


An analysis of your water. We always recommend that you first have a sample of your water analyzed. This analysis will reveal the types of contamination as well as the size of the particles.

Choice of the filter that best meets your specific needs

Our specialists will recommend the filter with the right capacity for your needs based on the volume of water, flows, available space, all depending on the quantity of seals in your power plant.

Filters are delivered with installation specifications

The filter is delivered with an installation guide and check list facilitating installation. A FUGESCO specialist can supervise the installation upon request. The system could also be delivered pre-assembled for easy start-up.


FUGESCO could supply personnel during the start up of the installed filter. In addition, we will train your operation and maintenance personnel on how to use and maintain the equipment.

All our filters are guaranteed

Filters come with a five-year warranty on the stainless steel tank and a one-year warranty on parts.