Mechanical seals for dams

The solutions for dams

Fugesco is a worldwide leading company in the design, production and installation of mechanical seals for dams and for hydroelectric power stations. The seals provided are realized with the best materials available and built with innovative, technological processes that make them highly resistant and effective, especially in the most demanding conditions - as dams and power stations.The main purpose of the seals is to maintain a near watertight seal between the shaft and the head cover of the unit. They are generally used in hydroelectric turbines, pump turbines and large pumps. Fugesco, in its catalogue, offers:

Why choose Fugesco

All of the company’s products are addressed by teams focused on an extensive expertise in mechanical seal design. The company constantly commits to innovate in order to comply with the client’s unique needs; the team studies tailor-made solutions for any specific application of the seals. The engineers utilize the latest technologies and manufacturing principles combined with research and development programs to assure clients of best dedication to servicing them and their evolving needs.

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