Turbine Seal

Radial Turbine Seal
Radial type seals are used in hydroelectric turbines, pumpturbines and large pumps.

Depending on the prevailing design parameters, such as pressure, speed and vacuum among others, two or more carbon segmented sealing rings may be required. We custom design the seal to suit existing equipment, this proven reliable design concept is not only simple to install but self adjusts and is relatively easy to operate and maintain. We are capable of designing and manufacturing both split and non split versions of these seals as required by our customers.

An essential component of the radial seal is its companion precision sleeve, which is mounted on the turbine shaft and which together with the carbon sealing rings performs the required sealing function. We design and manufacture split and non split sleeves in various materials dependant on service conditions and design parameters provided.

Operational Limits

MODEL Type F200, F201, F210, F211 Voce
Max. Turbine operating pressure 140 kPa (20psi) 280 kPa (40 psi)
Max. Recommended barrier water pressure 20-35 kPa (3-5 psi) above turbine pressure 20-35 kPa (3-5 psi) above turbine pressure
Recommended water filtration 25 microns 25 microns
Radial shaft dislocation ± 1.5 mm (0.06”) ± 1.5 mm (0.06”)
Axial shaft dislocation No restrictions No restrictions
Shaft /sleeve finish 32 RMS 32 RMS
Radial Turbine Seal

Optional requests for peripheral elements such as splash guards, reservoirs, RTD’s, wear indicators and inflatable maintenance seals are some of the common client needs that we satisfy regularly. In order to facilitate efficient site handling, we have developed proven composite designs that drastically reduce the weight of the seal components, thus affording our clients some repeatable cost savings at initial installation and also at each maintenance outage.