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Fugesco can supply spare parts for your existing turbine seals. Our engineering department will study your existing seal in order to retrofit any existing technology and in many cases we can improve performance by providing solutions at the best possible price without changing your configuration or seal housings. Seal life can be extended using our various grades of materials depending on turbine pressures, flows and water conditions.


Sealing Rings

We can reverse engineer any existing design by our competition and improve the surface finish, interchangeability without markings or lapping. With the precision of our manufacturing, our sealing rings obtain better sealing with lower leakage during initial start-up and regular operation. In some cases we can increase the wear allowance up to 30 %, without extra leakage.


Pressure Rings

We are equipped to roll any diameter of single or double pressure ring segments for any existing designs.


Garter- Compression springs

Since the springs are manufactured in-house, we can easily control our product for better materials, necessary tension, faster delivery terms and better prices.


Stop pins

Fugesco has designed a spring loaded, extensible stainless steel stop pin. One of the many advantages is that it adjusts itself to the thickness between the carbon segments, thus allowing the carbon to be better retained even during heavy vibrations.


The following items are available to meet your requirements and can be adapted to fit existing or new installations:

  • RTD and temperature probes
  • Pressure gages
  • Electronic and mechanical instruments


Monitoring Instruments

To measure wear of a mechanical seal, Fugesco has mechanical and electronic monitoring instrument for use in wet and dry applications.


The mechanical Monitoring instrument comes standard with every radial type seal.


A remote mechanical type up to a maximum cable of 6 feet can be provided is desired.


However, where location does not permit a mechanical type, an electro-mechanical monitoring instrument can be provided.


This instrument can also be installed in your control room for an easier monitoring.


Inflatable seals

Inflatable seals are designed to handle your most demanding applications. When pressurized they will conform to uneven surfaces and provide a reliable seal. A variety of cross-sections are available and can be supplied in pre-formed shapes and virtually any length to suit your needs. Or, let our design team work around your criteria to fit a custom shape into an existing design.


The seal is inflated with air, CO2 or other fluid by a pressure-regulated supply system can be supplied by FUGESCO.


Operating pressures can range from 10 to 150 PSI.


Expansion capabilities of this type of seals allows to close a 1/8" to 1/4" ( 3 to 6mm) radial "gap", depending on the cross section of the inflatable seal. Larger "gaps" may be accommodated and consultation with FUGESCO's engineering staff may be necessary.



Trash rack and frames

FUGESCO trash racks will eliminate forever all maintenance associated with the prevention of rust, corrosion and electrolysis. Using our trash racks will eliminate frazil ice buildup. Hydrodynamic profile has an optimized geometry which minimizes the

  • Head loss
  • Slippery surface reduces the amount of contaminations that stick to the rack and also discourage zebra mussel buildup
  • Maintain it's extraordinary properties throughout the time
  • Weight only 30% of the conventional trash rack, which simplifies the assembly
  • Extremely high impact resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction.


FUGESCO trash racks will give you a superior operating economy compared to other existing trash racks on the markets.