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For over thirty years, we have designed and produced a host of rubber J seals, Bulb seals and many variations of these for hydraulic gates. We produce our seals, in a variety of materials such as SBR (styrene butadiene rubber), CR (chloroprene rubber), NR (natural rubber) and many other types of elastomers (EPDM, NBR, fluorine, etc.) as required by our clients. In addition, these seals, may or may not have PTFE cladding as required by our clients.

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All of our seals are molded and hence of high quality, dimensionally accurate and resistant to UV. They meet the strictest specifications worldwide, to ensure easy assembly, perfect-fit, sealing especially at the corners, no leakages and superior durability.

The good fortune of being in this business for so long has also rewarded us with a formidable array of tooling which contributes to our competitive edge and effective lead times.

In keeping with our philosophy of in-house design engineering and manufacturing we eagerly welcome the opportunity of finding solutions for our clients’ concerns and special projects.